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Self-service Meal Ticket Sale Solution

date: 2014-09-02


With the growth of the service industry worldwide, more and more self services have emerged. In the past few years, convenient fast-food sale service appeared and is blooming in many countries. People can sell fast food in more flexible ways with lower cost. Now fast food sale service has become a popular and good investment choice.

Normally, investors do not participate in the daily operation or sometimes they operate more than one stand. In these cases, they need to employ others to sell food and collect money. And then problems come out: how to avoid corruptions in unmonitored daily operation? How can they reduce the cost of cashier?

Guanri will provide you a good and low-cost solution (self-service meal ticket sales solution) to solve all the problems.

Operation Procedure

Basic Functions

1. Meal number shown on the screen for customer choosing

2. Offer coins payment

3. Support thermal printing

4. Owner can collect coins daily and check with the daily report


1. Easy to operate

2. Industrialized and unsupervised design

3. High coins acceptance rate

4. Automatic alarm function supported for public environments

5. Good price and short pay-back period

6. Low operating cost


It can be used in many places of different industries such as fast food, retail, and service etc.