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Self-Service Payment Solution

date: 2014-09-02


Through Guanri self-service payment terminal and system, some services such as mobile top-up, prepaid card sales, bill payment and so on, could be implemented more easily and conveniently anytime and anywhere. People do not need to queue in different bureau again and again for different services any more.

Operators could choose one or more proper places to install the terminals and provide 7*24 services. More services provided, more users attracted; more users attracted, more revenue brought. And ads can bring additional income for operators.

Guanri self-service payment solution will help operators on terminals management, maintenance and money collecting.

System Architecture

Main Services

1. Mobile top up

2. WiFi prepaid card sale

3. VOIP prepaid card sale

4. Water/Electricity/Internet bill payment

5. advertisement


1. Guanri payment management system can manage 30000 payment terminals.

2. The system can manage all kinds of Guanri payment terminals, covering handheld payment terminals, self-service payment terminals etc.

3. Interfaces with different 3rd-party platforms can be realized through Guanri payment management system. The operator can do various services on this system, and bring the greatest convenience.

4. Financial level encryption algorithm and encrypted data transmission for data security.

5. B/S structure makes the system to be visited more conveniently.

6. Guanri payment management system is powerful, flexible and user-friendly.


1. Communities and schools to provide convenient services for specific users.

2. Shopping malls and streets where with more users to get more revenue.