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Self-Service Hotel Check-In

date: 2014-10-16

I. Industrial Background

With the prosperous development of the hotel industry, homogenous service can hardly meet the market demands, and customers pursue faster service with higher efficiency and more convenient consumption experience.To reduce manpower cost and promote service quality, not only hardware transformation but also informationized management are necessary, for example,providing customers with various approaches of room reservation, room selection and check-in and diverse payment methods.

Self-service check-in kiosks well cater to customers’ demands and make up the deficiency of service personnel at front desks. Only by touching on the screens of such kiosks, customers handle room reservation,check-in and check-out and reservation extension fast, and obtain comprehensive service. The kiosks realize the existing functions of front desks, saving time and increase efficiency for customers and lower operation cost and promote service quality for hotels.

Shenzhen Guanri Telecom-Tech Co.,Ltd. is committed to the development and application of intelligent payment equipment. For the hotel industry, it releases self-service check-in kiosks with rich features and advantages, providing customers with one-stop solutions for products and services and realizes mutual benefit.


II. Scheme Overview

The scheme of self-service check-ininvolves one or multiple self-service check-in kiosks, a background management system, and a business operator’s online operation system.

The background system mainly monitors and manages the kiosks, and may communicate with the business operator’smanagement system to realize data sharing.

As a front terminal operated by customers,a self-service check-in kiosk has various functions such as large-screen display, touch-based input, camera shooting, recognition of identity cards,passport scanning, payment, and dispensing and returning of key cards. It takesthe place of the reception desk in going through the check-in procedure. A check-in kiosk usually contains the following modules, and is also customizable. 

A self-service check-in kiosk has the following main functions.

Ø       Self-service room selection via the room status interface displaying vacancy rooms and occupied rooms 

Ø       Check-inusing ID card

Ø       Self-service issuance of key cards, settlement and check-out via the interface of real-time room status

Ø       Paymentby UnionPay or membership card

Ø       Enquiryof traffic information and travel information

Designed in a B/S architecture and supported by a powerful database, the background management system is compatible with multiple operation systems and enables SDK function to realize communication with third-party platforms. Through the background system, business operators realize centralized management of all the check-in kiosks as well as data exchange between the background system and the hotel management system in processing self-service business.

Notes for networking:

Ø        Support LAN or wireless access

Ø        Support connection with background management system through LAN or WAN

III. User Experience

IV. Scheme Features

Ø       Advanced industrial design, elegant appearance, superior electrical performance

Ø       Modular design for convenient operation andmaintenance

Ø       All-in-one, easyto move and saving placement space

Ø       Customizable torealize various business

Ø       Support payment bybanknote, coin and prepaid card, etc.

Ø       Rich ports connecting to ID card readers and barcode scanners, etc.

Ø       Accurate touch operation and high-definition display for excellent human-computer interaction experience

Ø       Self-diagnosis alarming program for fault detection

Ø       Flexible networking modes for connection to the hotel management system,


V. Business Benefit

Ø       Promote check-in efficiency

Ø       Reduce manpower cost and promote operation efficiency

Ø       Provide technical support for hotel management and improve management level

Ø       Enhance service quality

Ø       Highlight competitive advantages and gain more customers


VI. Typical Applications

Ø       Starred hotels

Ø       Chain hotels