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Self-Service Card Selling

date: 2014-10-16

I. Industrial Background

Nowadays, cards are used more and more widely and bring us much convenience. We use various cards here and there, for example, public transportation cards, bank cards, shopping cards, parking cards, gas-filling cards, haircut cards, member cards, mobile top-up cards, SIM cards, city smart cards, calling cards, and so on.

However the construction of distribution channels and sales windows of cards cannot well meet the requirements of increasing card application, for example, the quantity of sales windows is small, the business hours are short, the wait time for card purchase or top-up is long, and customer complaint is serious. To meet customers’ increasing demands, it is not enough to merely increase sales windows or distribution channels. To remedy the deficiency of service windows, to promote our service quality and to provide more options for customers, it is better to take advantage of self-service equipment. All-in-one self-service card-selling machines are the ones that carter exactly to the growing demand of card payment market, allowing customers to operate on them to realize card purchase and top-up and to experience the fun of human-machine interaction. Such machines reduce service windows, channel construction, manpower, operation cost, relief the working strength of service personnel, and improve customer satisfaction for business operators.

Shenzhen Guanri Telecom-Tech Co., Ltd. is committed to the development and application of intelligent payment equipment. For the card-selling service, it releases a scheme for self-service card selling with rich features and advantages. The scheme provides one-stop solutions for products and services to customers and realizes mutual benefit. 

II. Scheme Overview

The scheme involves one or multiple self-service card-selling machines, a background management system and the communication with business operators’ operation management systems. Real-time data exchange is realized between the card-selling machines and the background management system by means of the Internet technology to provide exportable business reports and financial statements in an efficient and fast way.

A self-service card-selling machine integrates large-screen display, touch-based input, high-performance control panels, rich peripheral interfaces, identification and storage of banknotes and coins, card dispensing and humanized GUIs. It renders simple operation and good experience to users and has been well received.

1. A self-service card-selling machine mainly includes the following modules. 

2. A background management system mainly contains the following modules.

Designed in a B/S architecture and supported by a powerful database, the background management system is compatible with multiple operation systems and enables SDK function to realize communication with third-party platforms. Through the background system, business operators may query the sales data of card-selling machines and earnings for any period, and perform sales promotion and member management while using their own systems at the same time.

3. Topological Graph of Self-Service Card-Selling Machine and Background Management System

Networking Notes:
1.   Support LAN or wireless access
2.   Support connection with background management system through LAN or WAN

III. User Experience

IV. Scheme Features

  1. Advanced industrial design, well-made firm casing, outstanding electrical performance
  2. Modular design for convenient installation and maintenance
  3. Compact design, easy to move and saving placement space 
  4. Support payment by banknote, coin and prepaid card
  5. High-performance card dispenser capable of dispensing a volume of cards
  6. Rich ports connecting to ID card readers and barcode scanners, etc.
  7. Accurate touch operation and high-definition display for excellent human-computer interaction experience
  8. Self-diagnosis alarming program for fault detection
  9. Connecting to various third-party systems for data sharing
  10. Rich statistical reports providing more accurate financial accounting
V. Business Revenue

With high performance, the all-in-one self-service card-selling machines can replace card-selling personnel and be deployed conveniently in business outlets to establish a self-service, high-efficiency, low-cost and 24-hour card-selling system. In this way, the channels of card selling and top-up are enriched, and an effective network for massive distribution of cards is established.

  1. Reduce or transfer at least 60% of the workload of card-selling windows
  2. Reduce at least 50% of manpower cost, saving manpower cost of hundreds of thousands of Chinese yuans in a service period of 10 years
  3. Strong statistics and analysis functions to realize easier accounting management
  4. Customer satisfaction rate up to 95% or above
  5. Provide 24-hour self-service for customers 
VI. Typical Applications

  1. Self-service card selling (e.g. calling cards and SIM cards) by telecom operators  
  2. Selling of public transportation cards by public transportation companies
  3. Selling of dining cards in food centers and chain restaurants
  4. Selling of member cards in shopping malls